The Tops Ways that You Can Put Emotional Intelligence to Work

When it comes to workplace happiness, most people get in their own way. The biggest obstacle that many people face with workplace happiness is low emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is your ability to identify and manage your emotions, as well as those of other people. How you manage your feelings at work can make all the difference in your career. Here are some of the top ways that you can put emotional intelligence to work.


Practice Deep and Focused Listening

When you are communicating with other employees, you always want to practice deep and focused listening. When the other person is speaking, avoid rehearsing your response. Instead, make it a point to focus your mind and attention on asking clarifying questions to help you better understand what the person is saying. At the end of the conversation, make sure that you summarize and provide feedback on what you think you heard the individual say. Then ask if your summary is an accurate portrayal of the conversation.


Start Paying Attention to Body Language

When you’re at work, start noticing the body language or nonverbal communications of those around you. Pay attention and learn to recognize when body language isn’t consistent with the words that are being spoken. Start getting used to interpreting body language as a way to understand the complete communication of your colleagues and employees. With practice, you will get better at recognizing nonverbal signs.


Avoid Blaming Others

When you always blame others for your misfortunes, you will never be successful in your personal or professional life. When you get caught up in useless behaviors and emotions, you end up losing precious time and perspective that could help you create a more enjoyable work experience. If you fill your workday with blame and venting, you are only setting yourself up for even more disappointment and dissatisfaction.  


Check Your Attitude